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Rosemeire Tommazzi



My name is Rosemeire Tommazzi, I am a journalist, photographer and videographer.

I have been working for 6 years as an executive producer, director, reporter and television presenter on a TV station in Brazil (TV Novo Tempo). I worked on daily news programs and others that focus on social service and the environment.


Before that, I worked in an advertising agency (Triade) for 2 years, where I made the connection between the agency and the client. As a trainee, I worked in printed newspapers as a copywriter, and in a radio station as a speaker. 

For the past four years, I have specialized in photography, videos, documentaries and films. And today I work with the art of recording the most important moments for each one.

2021, Edkent Media - Producer, Writer, Videographer, Photographer and Editor - Canada


2020, Durham College Diploma - With Honours  (Video Production)

2020, Videographer for Canadian Chef's Cup Competition - Aramark

2020, Videographer for Kim Phuc

2020, Producer, Writer and Videographer for Jonhons Control

2020, Videographer and Editor for Snapd 

2019, Videographer for Spark

2019, Guatemala Documentary Videographer

2019, MAD 48-Hour Film Challenge Winner (Western Category)

2019, Teaching City Project - "City Idea Lab" Videographer and Editor

2019, WNED-TV - Our Town Oshawa Project Videographer

2019, Producer, Director and Editor for Aramark

2018, Blue Mountain Ski & Snowboard Day Videographer 

2011 - 2016, Novo Tempo TV -  Producer, Director, TV Presenter and Reporter - Brazil

2009 - 2010 - DPZ Publicity Agency (Triade) - Manager Account Assistant - Brazil

2009, Graduated - Sao Judas Tadeu University (Journalism) - Brazil

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